Community Partnerships


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A live performance with professional musicians, schools and the National Dance Company of Wales Youth Group.  Inga was invited to make an artwork with children that would be incorporated into a live production of Carmina Burana.  4 films  were produced, 2 shot on Super 8 film stock. The films were projected within the live performance, directed by Roy Campbell-Moore, at St David’s Hall, Cardiff in November 2009.


The Riverside Game

In partnership with the South Riverside Community Development Centre, Ruth McElroy and Inga Burrows were invited to respond to a brief which asked them to visualise the findings of an Oxfam research report on poverty. The subject of the report were two distinct area of Cardiff, Splott and Riverside.  The solution McElroy and Burrows arrived at was to develop  a proto-type board game.  Playing the game would stimulate players to compete to overcome obstacles to financial security.  A board game design enthusiast, with expertise in poverty issues, was commissioned to develop of the design of the game, in consultation with the communities who were the subject of the report. McElroy and Burrows lead a series of workshops inviting  Riverside inhabitants  to try and test the board game. The graphics were designed by Frederique Santurne. Report launch.