Site-specific Projects

Cardiff Market Residency: Lively hood Exhibition

Devised by Burrows to investigate the sensory, social, and performative aspects that constitute the genius loci of the Market. The central aim was to document the stallholders’ subjective experiences of their work place.  Through close engagement with individual self-selecting stallholders, who work in Cardiff Market Hall, Burrows explored ways of representing the market community, which countered some of the common assumptions about people who earn their living in such environments. The exhibition took place in The Old Library, Cardiff, December 2011.

the chef's perspective

‘The Chef’s Perspective’  Julie Mathias speaks about what works means to her.

Situated in the heart of the city, this grade II listed building accommodates a wide variety of retail businesses, including a fish monger, pet shops, butchers, haberdashery, jewellers, wig stall, and the resident fortune-teller.  The market attracts tourists, swarms of student photographers, and up until the arrival of the Supermarket in the mid 1980s was where thousands of people from South Wales flocked to shop on a daily basis.  In the past three decades the footfall has dwindled and many of the businesses hang by a thread.  For those with little  income the Hall is a city centre location for socialising in all seasons. Were the Market regulars to congregate in a similar fashion on the premises of the pristine mall at the opposite end of the Hayes, they would be swiftly ushered out of sight by security personnel. The Hall serves an important social function besides its designed purpose.

Burrows used a video camera as a research tool, an artistic medium, and as a something of a commodity to trade with the stall holders. There were two strands of enquiry which framed the creative investigation. The first was to develop a methodology for a participatory arts  practice which would engage the market community in a process of self-representation. The second was to explore ways of documenting market life which did not replicate television documentary techniques, such a s talking heads, voice-overs, narrative conventions.

Lively hood Exhibition, Cardiff Old Library, December 2011

Plan of exhibition layout

1.Folk Glance: video   2.Veil Trance: video  3.Blue Line: video

4. The Chef’s Perspective   5.Not On Display

6.Home Landing (costume) & of the performance

7. Not on Display 2

8. Mr Jones -the gamp on TV


Well I Never…..?  Site Specific Video Installation  


Snip Snap (still)2007

‘Well I Never..?’ (2007) is a video installation work made with a inhabitants of Pontypridd. The project investigated the relationship between memory and place, the outcome was a digital video installation, made with individual participants who lived in Pontypridd. Each participant contributed a personal memory story that they were interested in sharing, and which had lasting resonance for the storyteller. Funded by Arts Council Wales and University of Glamorgan.

Times of Our Lives    site-specific video installation

Commissioned by The Whitworth Art Gallery in 2000, ‘Times of Our Lives’ was designed as asite-specific video work of the Gallery’s lecture Theatre. The given brief was to document three generations reflections on fundamental human experiences. primary school children spoke about death, the elderly discussed romance and pregnant women spoke about their shifting identity as mothers to be.


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