Research Collaborations


Deviant Chores

Burrows has over recent years collaborated with academics both within Glamorgan University and academics from other institutions on a number of practice as research projects. Deviant Chores the first series of video performance works created as part of an on-going practice as research project, which collapses the roles of performer/filmmaker in collaborative dialogue with Ethnographic Filmmaker Dr. Aparna Sharma (UCLA).

Having used the camera in our respective film practice to document the lives of others, to expose our own subjectivity to the camera lens in our own domestic spaces.  To document the domestic, but to critically, absurdly, playfully, mischievously and irreverently situate it within the domestic landscape and so rupture the normative functionality/ies associated with domesticity.


On Vocation (2012)

In And Between is a cross-disciplinary research group, which brings together poets, performers filmmakers and critical theorists from the University of Glamorgan. Funded by the University’s Research Investment Scheme, two separate but thematically connected site-specific projects have been undertaken.

One of those projects On Vocation (2012) is a performance for camera work  devised by Jodie Allinson and Burrows.  Barry Beach, Wales is the setting for this site-specific collaboration where Allinson and Burrows explored ways of representing their imaginative and sensory responses to the environment. Out of a series of on-location improvisations emerged 5 personae, each embodying a different mode of relating to the landscape, exhibiting behaviour that is paradoxically, incongruous to, and harmonious with the landscape.

On Vocation was selected for Making Tracks an event produced by Whirlygig Cinema and The Cabinet of Living Cinema, The film was re-scored, the music performed live at Richmix, London 18/10/2012.